YPsidixit - 2007-12-13 08:16:16
There were quite a few folks in the store last night as I walked home. I'm glad people are taking advantage of the sales--I use and really like their skin and bath products. I hope both the Apotheke and Quinn's spaces find new tenants right away.
Katy - 2007-12-14 13:01:11
Sad news... I love the bath products at Apotheke and love the Crumpler bags that they carry/carried. Glad to hear that the owner is planning on being at SAF, at least we'll be able to get our bath product fix that way. Going to go make use of my whipped shea butter now...
Ypsidixit - 2007-12-14 14:01:23
Yep, I got a Crumpler there, too. Two, come to think of it. Fritz did too, a wee cell phone thingie. Ha--I have the whipped shea butter too, right here! A big one, of lavender. I stocked up. In other Depot Town News, there's a sign across the street for the new Real Kids store (clothing for overweight children).

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