Ypsidixit - 2007-12-05 10:57:22
I have really mixed feelings about this. 1. First, it seems clear to me that the protestors in Sudan got a garbled story of what happened, assuming that we did not. Protestors seemed to assume a malicious attitude on the teacher's part, which I frankly think is naive--as if an internationally-traveling teacher (certainly educated and probably reasonably sophisticated) would be dumb enough to do something she knows would be, if maliciously done, inflammatory. Come on. I thought this made the Sudanese look a bit like hicks.

2. If any time a perceived slight against one's religion draws such a violent response, then one doesn't have much confidence in its essential integrity. If it's true and eternal, who gives a whiz about some idiot's passing remark?

3. Fanning the flames of ignorance by creating a Muhammed Teddy Bear does on good whatsoever. The purported noble goal of free expression expressed by the bera's creator-marketer will likely be perceived as opportunistic disrespect at Islam's expense by some extremist people.

WIll this be another Danish Cartoons-like incident?

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