Ypsidixit - 2007-11-06 08:52:27
Now, mind you, these are not those tiresome "sniglets" that I find so irritating because they're just made-up words that, really, no one uses or would use. Usually names for obscure and unimportant parts of home appliances, things like that. Who cares? Not everything HAS to be lexicalized, you know. Proponents of "sniglets" often defend their dubious pastime by claiming, incorrectly, that the word "aglet" (plastic tip on shoelaces) was once a sniglet. Why, nothing could be further from the truth. Aglets were aglets before there were sniglets. An aglet is not a sniglet. Nor are sniglets aglets. Now, with that cleared up, let's examine some of the better submissions in the Online Dictionary:

1. Which of these 2 is better?:

drylence (noun) : the sound of silence when going under a bridge when it is raining really hard. The few seconds of no rain on the windshield. "The drylence was eerie especially at night."

downpause (noun) : the slight pause in the rainstorm as you drive under an overpass. Wow! That was quite the downpause; it seemed to last longer than normal.

2. Some effective pun neologisms:
wrathogen (noun) : Something that causes one to become enraged. We must learn to neutralize the wrathogen that leads to war.

chibling (noun) : an unborn child of unknown gender of a family that already has at least one child My sister is having a chibling, I'll be an aunt.

3. Tad contrived but completely charming:
manifest gluttony (noun) : An individual's imperialistic expansion from consuming their food and then encroaching upon you to give them some of yours. He ate all of his food and then, through manifest gluttony, proceeded to pick at my plate.

pizza bones (noun) : the unwanted, gnawed crust of a pizza He was starving, and all that was left in the box were the pizza bones.

4. Most of the neologisms are "blends," or combinations of 2 words, and many of them work very well:
blandiose (adjective) : Describing architecture that is large, ambitious, and expensive, but ultimately boring.. The new library building at ________ University is blandiose.

Pantsformers (noun) : A pair of pants equipped with zippers that can "pantsform" into shorts. It was really hot yesterday, but luckily I was wearing my PANTSFORMERS, so I could pantsform them into shorts in no time and enjoy my day.

Pantsformers. Heh heh. Oh, I could read these all day...

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