Ypsidixit - 2007-10-31 12:40:24
I found that on the blog of some...person...named Jusby the Clown.

He offers "fresh routes to healthy laughter through executive humor-empowerment seminars, individual and small group comedy playsharing, and goofy parties for all ages in the South Sound Region. Jusby's services combine archaic and avant-garde clowning techniques."

Can you do those avant-garde clowning techniques in mixed company? Ypsidixit doubts it. What if I am perfectly happy with a stale route to healthy laughter? I am, you know. Do you know any self-respecting adult who would consent to something as repulsively fuzzy-schmuzzy as "playsharing"? Can you imagine the bike-hardened Ypsidixit "playsharing"? Or our hardy pioneer forefathers? Was Washtenaw County built, the cornerstones of its eminent buildings laid, its sweeping highways paved, its lofty bridges raised, by frontiersmen "playsharing"? Well, was it? Any hardy forefather who paused long enough from wrasslin' stumps out of his property bare-handed while diggin' canals, adzin' logs, divertin' rivers, and writin' Valentine's day cards would likely be promptly playshared right into the mouth of a slavering Michigan cougar. Absolutely.

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