Y. - 2007-10-30 09:19:32
Map of all Mexican restaurants in Ypsi.
Sarah - 2007-10-30 10:52:39
I'm no gourmet, and know that this is all extremely subjective but I really don't get it...I have been to Fiesta Mexicana twice and I thought it was pretty craptastic both times. I think Mexican food is one of those things where you have a favorite place and nothing else compares. And while I have had some good stuff at Side Track, I don't get how those burgers qualify as anything special.
Ypsidixit - 2007-10-30 11:10:52
I'm not a gourmet either, and I think you're right--people have favorites and that's it. The author said he'd last been in MI 9 years ago. Taqueria La Loma opened a couple of years ago. I like La Fiesta, but, given a choice, I'll eat at TLL every time--it is my own personal favorite. So fresh and so flavorful.
Lisele - 2007-10-31 20:03:27
See now, I completely agree with the writer that La Fiesta is fantastic. Not that I am a gourmet -- sigh -- except in my mind. But I adore the corn flan, the Morelianas, the Amarillitas, the carne asada, the totopos... YUM.
Ypsidixit - 2007-10-31 20:14:52

Flan.....(sound of rootly-tootly-rootly harp music signifying the past)

Ah, flan. The favorite dessert in the North Campus Coops years ago. How it quivered, there on its cheap aluminum tray. How it glistened with mysterious compost-brown "sauce." How it trembled on my plate as I poked it, wary yet hungry, with a bent fork. How it crunched when forgotten eggshells grated against my poor young teeth.


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