Mark Maynard - 2007-10-22 11:10:10
The official count was 55 people, Laura. And there were no fatalities.
Ypsidixit - 2007-10-22 11:49:01
Wow! Quite the turnout. Sounds like a lot of fun. I hear the group's next outing is in the spring.
Lisele - 2007-10-22 15:55:11
Actually, the organizer told me 62!!! I was flabbergasted. Good for them! I had my partner's dad in town and couldn't go, but I'm getting on the mailing list for future rides.
Jim Karnopp - 2007-10-23 00:16:39
I really wanted to go on this ride, and the afternoon start time seemed like it would be perfect. Unfortunately I couldnt get away from the restaurant. Forrest went, and it sounded like he had a really good time.
Ypsidixit - 2007-10-23 10:14:03
Lisa: 62! Good for the organizers--they created a successful and fun event out of thin air. I had one day off this weekend (last one, too) and thought about going but my bike handlebar is all wobbly; not safe. Gotta fix it. And there was a big storm window project going on.

Jim: A great event for young people. I envied Forrest's cool sticker.

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