DW - 2007-10-21 10:01:13
the cdc still has to show prove of funding which looks unlikely at this point.
Ypsidixit - 2007-10-21 14:29:31
It does?! That's news to me. The plan had very detailed financial information, projections on income, lots of bar graphs, &c. City council forked over $5,000 for the plan to be drawn up, implying, I suppose, that they felt the plan had a reasonable chance of viability. It is a surprise to me to learn that the DTCDC may not get funding. DW, do you mean state funding? Just curious.
Dog Days - 2007-10-23 09:50:56
I especially like the dog times and the Thursday chat forum. We generally take the dogs on Sundays... just for anyone who'd like to bring their dogs to play. Not that this is legal in any way...
Ypsidixit - 2007-10-23 10:27:21
Well, strictly speaking, no (city council could theoretically change this with a quick li'l fiat or two)...but to me that's the beauty of it--it's simple, low-impact, and ad hoc.

In AA they now have 2 new dog parks. You have to fill out a big application, buy a permit, and they have people supervising, and you have to bring health certificate for your dog, and so on and so on. A big drag if you ask me. They had an uphill battle ramming it through AA city council, so now they're being super careful (or were told to be) with all the regulation--feh, something like that would make me itch.

There's also a private outfit that charges and also gives you and your dog a test.

Sheesh, so much folderol. I much prefer a one-day-a-week dog time when it's legal to off-leash in Riverside Park. Good for the dog people, good for the people who wish to avoid dogs.

Thanks for your feedback, Dog Days.

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