Ypsidixit - 2007-10-16 22:24:17
Me: "Your doppelganger is here on Tagged."

Fritz: "Where?" (comes over)

(enlarge picture)

"His face is a little wider. (Sweetly) And he's not as handsome. (Energetically) Want me to friend him?"

" He looks a little...icebergy. What's that in the background?"

"Looks like...(peers)...a football picture."

"And there's the standard apartment halogen lamp, except it's white, so that's a little unusual."

"Here's the plastic tub dresser thing, next to the bed...(drawing conclusion) I bet he's single. But then who took the picture?"

"It looks like a webcam, on his computer."


"So his computer is facing into the bedroom..."


Nothing like a little speculative voyeurism to round out the day.

I found out I'm not the second oldest person on Tagged after all. There are scads of folks in their 40s, 50s, and 60s, in the Ypsi area, on the site. I friended one 70 year old lady in Plymouth, just as a salute to a 70 year old lady being on a social networking site. Hours of fun. Half an hour, anyways.

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